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2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty and Staff

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The Faculty


ALBRIGHT, CHARLOTTE (2007)  Assistant Professor of Television Studies, B.A. Bennington College; M.A. Boston University; Ph.D. Boston University

ATKINS, NOLAN T. (1997) Associate Professor of Meteorology, B.S. University of Minnesota ; M.S., Ph.D. University of California , Los Angeles

BALLOU, DAVID (1993) Professor of Television Studies, B. A. Lyndon State College; Ed.M. Boston University

BELILES, DAVID B. (1992) Professor of English, B.A. George Washington University ; M.A. University of Texas ; Ph.D. Vanderbilt University

BENNION, JANET (2003) Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, B.A. Utah State University; M.A. Portland State University ; Ph.D. University of Utah

BERRYMAN, BRUCE F. (1982) Professor of Meteorology, B.S. University of Wisconsin ; M.S. University of Wisconsin ; Ph.D. University of Wisconsin

BOYE, ALAN P. (1987) Professor of English, B.S. University of Nebraska ; M.A. University of Texas

BOZEMAN , JAMES R. (l985) Professor of Mathematical Sciences, B.S. Worcester Polytechnic Institute; M.A. University of California; A.M. Dartmouth College; Ph.D. Dartmouth College

BRADLEY, DAVID B. (1981) Professor of Business Administration, B.A. Brown University ; M.B.A. Plymouth State University ; C.M.A., C.F.P., C.I.A., C.G.F.M.

BROADWATER, ERNEST H. (1974) Professor of Education, B.S. Keene State College; M.Ed. Temple University ; Ph.D. Ohio State University

COFFIN, DEBORAH G. (2001) Associate Professor of Allied Health Sciences and Physical Education, B.S. University of Maine; M.Ed. University of Maine ; Ed.D. University of Massachusetts

CONANT, DAVID S. (1976) Professor of Science (Botany), B.S. University of New Hampshire ; Ph.D. Harvard University

DELEO, CATHERINE (1977) Professor of Recreation Resource and Ski Area Management, B.S. Northeastern University; M.S. Northeastern University; Ed.D. Boston University

DELEO, JOHN (1976) Professor of Recreation Resource and Ski Area Management, B.S. Northeastern University; M.S. University of Utah ; Ed.D. Boston University

FARRELL, KEVIN J. (1990) Associate Professor of Mathematics, B.S. Nasson College; M.S. University of Vermont; Ph.D. University of Rhode Island

FINGERHUT, WILLIAM A. (1981) Professor of Meteorology, B.A. California State University-San Jose; M.S. California State-San Jose; Ph.D. Colorado State University

FLOM, Jonathan (2006) Assistant Professor of Fine & Performing Arts/Theater, B.F.A., M.F.A., Pennsylvania State University

GIESE, ALAN (2006) Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences/Biology, B.A., University of California at Santa Cruz; M.S., Oregon State University; Ph.D., Arizona State University

GILMAN, CHANDLER R. (1998) Associate Professor of English, B.A., Williams College; M.A., University of New Hampshire; M.F.A., Vermont College of Norwich University

GLENTZ BRUSH, KELLY A. (2002) Assistant Professor of Digital & Graphic Arts, B.F.A. Kansas City Art Institute; M.F.A. University of Kansas

HERTZ, BARRY (1980) Professor of Education, B.A. Bryant College ; Ed.M. Temple University ; Ed.D. Temple University

HILTON, MARK (1999), Associate Professor of Business Administration, B.S. Lyndon State College; M.B.A. Plymouth State University

JOHNSTON, DAVID (2005), Assistant Professor of English/Philosophy,  B.A. Denison University; M.A., Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook

KOROL, RHONDA (1995) Associate Professor of Psychology, B.A. Dartmouth College; B.S. University of Minnesota; M.A. University of Cincinnati; Ph.D. University of Cincinnati

LATHROP, ALISON S. (1999) Associate Professor of Geology, B.Sc. Bates College; Ph. D. Dartmouth College

LEWIS, TIMOTHY R. (1999), Assistant Professor of Television Studies, B.A., University of Vermont ; M.A., Union Institute & University/Vermont College.

LUNA, ANDREA (1997) Associate Professor of English/Coordinator of Composition, B.S. University of Vermont; M.A. University of New Hampshire; Ph.D. University of New Hampshire .

McCOY, DAISY (1991) Professor of Mathematical Science, B.A. Douglass College of Rutgers University ; M.S. Virginia Tech; Ph.D. Virginia Tech


METZKE, LINDA K. (1988) Professor, Special Education, B.S University of Wisconsin; M.S. University of Wisconsin; Ph.D. Marquette University

MITCHELL, LINDA M. (1989) Professor of Business Administration, B.A. Occidental College ; M.S. University of Southern California ; M.B.A. Columbia University

MOYE, RICHARD H. (1991), Professor of English, B.A. Middlebury College ; M.A. Columbia University ; M.Phil. Columbia University ; Ph.D. Columbia University

MUELLER, HARRY (2003) Assistant Professor of Digital & Graphic Arts, B.S., A.A.S. Rochester Institute of Technology, A.A.S. Milwaukee Institute of Technology

NELSON, GARET (2001) Assistant Professor/Library Director, B.A. University of South Florida; M.Ed. University of Arkansas ; M.L.I.S. University of South Florida

NORRIS, ELIZABETH E. (2002) Assistant Professor of Fine & Performing Arts, B.M. Illinois State University; M.M. Indiana University; D.M.A. University of Kansas

PARISI, PHILIP J. (2004) Assistant Professor, Interactive Digital Media, B.F.A. School of Visual Arts; M.F.A, Hunter College; A.S., Champlain College.

PLAZEK, DAVID (2006) Assistant Professor of Social Sciences/Political Science, B.A., University of Pittsburgh; M.P.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M.A., Ph.D., West Virginia University

POBER, DAVID (2005) Assistant Professor of Exercise Science, M.S., Ph.D., University of Massachusetts , Amherst

RAZZANO, ELAINE (1995) Associate Professor of English, B.A. Georgian Court College; M.A. Seton Hall University; M.Ed. Plymouth State University ; Ph.D. SUNY Buffalo

RONALD, MARGARET (2006) Associate Professor of Graduate Education, B.A. Universidad de las Americas (Mexico); M.A., Ohio State University; Ph.D., Florida State University

ROSSI, RONALD R. (1976) Professor of Psychology, B.A. Drew University ; M.A. University of Cincinnati ; Ph.D. University of Cincinnati

ROSSITER, T. KELLY (2005) Instructor, Recreation Resource & Ski Resort Management, B.A. College of William & Mary; M.S. University of New Hampshire

SEARLS, PAUL (2005) Assistant Professor of History, B.A., Hobart College; M.A., University of Vermont; Ph.D., New York University . 

SGHERZA, ANTHONY (2004), Associate Professor of Exercise Science, Kean College of NJ, B.A.; University of Pittsburgh, B.S.; Long lsland University M.S.; New York University, Ph.D.

SHAFER, JASON (2005) Assistant Professor of Meteorology, B.S., Plymouth State College; M.S. University of Utah

SHERRER, MARGARET (2005) Assistant Professor of Psychology, B.A., University of Rhode Island ; M.S.W., Rhode Island College

SHINE, PATRICIA (2003) Assistant Professor of Human Services, M.S.W. Simmons School of Social Work; B.A. Adelphi University

SIEGEL, RACHEL S., CFA, (1990) Professor of Business Administration, B.A. Yale University; M.B.A. Yale University

STILES, MERI (2006) Assistant Professor of Psychology/Human Services, B.A., M.S.W., Ph.D., University of Buffalo

STROKANOV, ALEXANDRE A. (2000) Professor of History, B.A. Perm State University (Russia), M.A. Perm State University, Ph.D. Perm State University

STURM, TIMOTHY M. (1982) Professor, Special Education, B.A. Beloit College; M.S. University of Wisconsin; Ph.D. University of North Carolina

THEORET, JULIE M. (2000) Associate Professor of Mathematics B.S. University of Vermont, M.S. University of Virginia, Ph.D. University of Virginia

TUCKER, BARCLAY(2001) Assistant Professor of Digital & Graphic Arts, B.F.A. University of Utah ; M.A. Syracuse University

WERDENSCHLAG, LORI (1992) Professor of Psychology, B.A., Emory University ; M.S., Ph.D., Tulane University

WHEELER, ELIZABETH, Instructor of Television Studies, B.A., Lyndon State College

WILKINSON, ELIZABETH (2005) Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences/Chemistry, B.S., Trenton State College; M.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Ph.D., University of Minnesota

WILLIAMS, DAN (2006) Assistant Professor of English/Journalism, B.A. Kansas State University; M.A. Ohio State University

YERSEL, METIN (1982) Professor of Science (Physics), B.S. Bogazici University; Ph.D. Clark University

ZWICK, RODNEY R. (1986) Professor of Recreation Resource and Ski Area Management, B.S., Michigan State University; M.S., Michigan State University; Ph.D. Arizona State University

Part-time Faculty


ADAMS, KIMBERLY, GEU/Natural Sciences, B.S., UVM; M.S.T., Lyndon State College

ALLEN, STEPHEN, Math/CIS, A.A.S., Vermont Technical College

ANGELL, RICHARD, Allied Health Sciences, M.A. University of Northern Colorado ; B.S. University of Maine Orono

BAILIN, DEBRA, English, B.A. Cedar Crest College ; M.F.A. Washington University

BALLOU, DARLENE, Television Studies, B.S. Lyndon State College

BELL, DUDLEY, Exercise Science/Tennis

BERTOLINI, MARK, Business Administration/Law, B.A. Middlebury; J. D. Univ. of Puget Sound Law School

BIATHROW, KENNETH, Business Administration/Accounting, C.P.A Accounting, B.B.A. Hofstra University

BIDDLE, WILLIAM, English, B.A., Amherst College , M.A., Boston University

BLANCHARD, IRENE, Psychology, B.S. Pratt Institute; M.Ed. Boston University ; M Phil.,Ph.D., Syracuse University

BROWN, PHILIP, Fine & Performing Arts/Music, B.F.A., Boston University of Fine Arts

CHARLES, JEAN, Fine and Performing Arts


CUTTING, BONNIE, Business Administration, B.S., Rivier College

DENTE, MICHAEL, Math/CIS, B.A., Lyndon State College

DOLAN, DONNA, Psychology, B.A., Lyndon State College; M.S., Springfield College

DOUCETTE, SARAH, Allied Health Sciences

DWYER, PAULINE, Natural Sciences, M.S.T, Lyndon State College

ELMES, MARTHA, Fine and Performing Arts/GEU, M.Ed., Lesley University

GEREMIA, RAY, Fine and Performing Arts, B.A., St. Michael’s College

GOLD, KATHLEEN, English, M.A.Ed., University of Phoenix

GREENSTEIN, SUSAN, English, GEU, BA., Wellesley College ; M.A., Ph.D. Indiana University

HACKETT, JEAN, Mathematics, B.A. University of Vermont ; M.S. University of Notre Dame

HALE, DEBRA, GEU, B.A, Johnson State College, M.Ed., Lyndon State College

HANNA, CHARLOTTE, Business Administration, B.A. Bennington College; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University



HASKINS, KAREN, English, M.A. St. Bonaventure University ; B.A. Nazareth College

HASKINS, MERLE, English, M.A., St. Bonaventure University

HAZARD, MARY, Business Administration, M.Ed., Lyndon State College

HENAULT, ARMAND, Psychology, B.A. Beacon College ; M.Ed. Harvard University

HENRY, SUSAN, Allied Health Sciences, B.S. Lyndon State College

KASCENSKA, JOHN R (1992) Recreation Resource and Ski Resort Management, B.S. Lyndon State College; M.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University; Ph.D. North Carolina State University

KEELY, DONNA, GEU, M.A., Michigan State University

KELLAR, KRISTINE, Allied Health Sciences

KEZAR, CHARLES, Business Administration/Mathematics, M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

McCANN, ROBERT, Digital and Graphic Arts, Fine & Performing Arts (Photography)

MACDOWELL, LISA, English, B.A. Albion College ; M.A., Ph.D. Rutgers University

MILLER, KAREN, Natural Sciences, B.S. University of Vermont ; M.S., University of Vermont .

MILLER, MICHAEL, Natural Sciences, B.S., University of Vermont

MITCHELL, HEATHER, English, B.A. Lyndon State College; M.A. Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College

MOORE, J. ALAN, GEU/Philosophy, B.A. University of California at Davis; M.A. University of Idaho; Ph.D. Tulane University

PRATT, ZACHARY, Recreation Resource & Ski Resort Management/Business Administration, A.A., B.S., College of St. Joseph; M.A. Central Michigan University ; Ph.D., Michigan State University

PULASKI, MURRAY (Jack), English, B.A., M.A. Goddard College

RILEY, EILEEN, English, M.Ed., Trinity College of Vermont

ROCHE, MARIA, Spanish, M.F.A., Escuela de Bellas Artes

SEVIGNY, LEO, GEU, B.A., Johnson State College; M.S., Syracuse University

STONEBRAKER, EDWARD, Natural Sciences, B.A. Tufts University; D.C. New York Chiropractic College

SWEET, DENNIS, GEU, B.S. University of Vermont; M.Ed. Lyndon State College

THABIT, ALIA, English, B.A. Lyndon State College

UMMER, CHRISTOPHER, Exercise Science, M.S., Indiana State University

WACHOLDER, LINDA, Psychology, B.A., Simmons College ; M.Ed., University of Oregon

WHEELER, DONNA, GEU, B.S., Lyndon State College

WILLIAMS, NORRINE, Psychology, B.A. Bates College ; M.S.W. University of Connecticut

WILLIAMS, C. RICHARD, Allied Health Sciences, B.S., Keene State University , M.Ed., Lyndon State College

YERKES, DOREEN, Mathematics, B.S. Lyndon State College

YOUNG, AARON, Television Studies, B.S., Lyndon State College

Professor Emeriti


ALDRICH, E. RALPH (1969-1995) B.A. Plymouth State College; M.A. Bread Loaf School of English (Middlebury College); Associate Professor of English

BLANCHARD, IRENE (1976-1998) B.S. Pratt Institute; M.Ed. Boston University ; M Phil.,Ph.D., Syracuse University; Professor of Psychology

EBBETT, BALLARD E. (1960-1998) B.A. University of Wyoming ; M.S. University of Wyoming ; Associate Professor of Science

ELLIOTT, JUNE (1976) B.S. Lyndon State College; M.A. Goddard College ; Ph.D. University of Connecticut , Professor of Psychology

GALLAGHER, SUSAN (1938-1977) B.S. Colorado University ; A.M. Columbia University ; C.A.G.S. University of Maine ; Professor of Psychology

GALLAGHER, SUZANNE (1972-1990), B.A. University of Massachusetts , M. S. Southern Connecticut State College ; M.A. Goddard College , Head Librarian


MILLER, DONALD H. (1959-1999) A.B. SUNY-Albany State; A.M. SUNY-Albany State; Ph.D. University of Connecticut ; Professor of Science

NEWELL, GRAHAM S. (1959-1979) A.B. University of Chicago ; A.M. University of Chicago ; Professor of History

REEVES, CAROLYN (1982-2003) B.S. Southern Connecticut State College ; MSW, University of Connecticut , School of Social Work; Professor of Psychology

SINGER, KURT (1964-2002) B.S. Danbury State College; M.A. Yale University; Professor of English

TOBORG, ALFRED (1960-1999) A.B. Columbia University ; M.A. Xavier University ; Ph.D. Columbia University ; Professor of History

VOS, KENNETH (1967-1999) B.D. Central College ; M.Div. New Brunswich Theological Seminary; Ph.D. Columbia University ; Professor of Philosophy

The Administration


CAROL A. MOORE, President, B.A. Montclair State College; M.A. Montclair State College; Ph.D. Northeastern University

DONNA DALTON, Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, B.A. Pennsylvania State University; M.S. Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University

WAYNE T. HAMILTON, Dean of Administration, B.A. State University College at New Paltz; M.S. State University of New York at Albany

ROBERT E. WHITTAKER, Dean of Institutional Advancement, B.A. Franklin & Marshall College; M.S. Utah State University

The College Directors and Staff

Hope E. Abarno   RHD/Student Life Assistant
Alex D. Allen    Public Safety Officer
Edie I. Allen   Admissions Records Specialist
Stephen C. Allen   LAN/System Administrator
Thomas R. Archer   Director of Physical Plant
Kathy A. Armstrong   Administrative Assistant to Faculty
Jennifer M. Aubin   Financial Aid Officer
Debra M. Bailin   Director of Student Academic Development
Darlene R. Ballou   Director of Broadcast Operations
Robert S. Bean   Director of Accounting Services
Mariann W. Bertolini   Director, Northeast Kingdom School Dev. Center
Mary E. Blackwell   Assistant Director of Upward Bound
Tanya W. Bradley   Director of Financial Aid
Anne M. Brown   Director of AmeriCorps NEK Initiative
Jennifer A. Brown   Secretary for Upward Bound
Keith E. Brown   Mechanical Systems Tech
Brandon J. Buckley   RHD/Student Life Assistant
Sarah J. Butler-Collins   Admissions Records Specialist
Rodney J. Call   Custodian
Jody A. Card   Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Alton L. Carr, Jr.   Maintenance Tech
Paula M. Chamberlin   Administrative Assistant for Health and Counseling
Jo-Ann Charron   Custodian
Theresa Y. Conant   Laboratory Technician/Chemical Hygiene Officer
Mary E. Cooper   Admissions Counselor
Patricia R. Cross   Administrative Assistant to Director of Physical Plant
Jeff M. Davis   Vehicle Mechanic
Jonathan M. Davis   Director of Student Life
Michael A. Dente   Assistant Chief Technology Officer
Sharon L. Dolloff   Student Services Consultant
Denise M. Doyon   Custodian
Lori A. Drew   Tutor Coordinator
Terry K. Dwyer   Maintenance Tech/Custodial Supervisor
Donna L. Edwards   Circulation Supervisor, Library
Gaylon R. Ely   Custodian
Mary A. Etter   Learning Specialist
Charles M. Forrest   Public Safety Officer
Sheila B. Fors   Admissions Secretary
Karen M. Fournier   Custodian
Evelyn E. Franz   Recorder
Sandra L. Franz   Director of Human Resources
Susan C. Gallagher   Coordinator of Public Information
Paulsha D. George   Director of Payroll & Benefits
Donna M. Gile   Admissions Assistant
Darlene N. Gilman   Administrative Asst. for Conferences, Career Services
Cheryl L. Goldrick   Staff Asst. to Asst. Academic Dean
Jacqueline Goodwin   Custodian
Janet U. Goodwin   Custodian
Phyllis A. Green   Interlibrary Loan Specialist
Peter A. Guilfoyle   Head Athletic Trainer/Assistant Athletic Director
George B. Hacking   Director of Public Safety
Debra A. Hale   Registrar
Tim L. Hale   Custodian/Maintenance Worker
Jennifer K. Harris   Development Assistant
Bernard F. Hartshorn   Associate Director of Admissions
Marie M. Heath   Alumni Records Specialist
Janis L. Henderson   Custodian
Susan P. Henry   Director of Intramurals/SHAPE Manager
Linda D. Hilton   Chief Technology Officer
Stacy O. Hopkins   Coordinator of Student Accounts
Erica C. Hoyt   Admissions Counselor
Janine L. Jameson   Custodian
Darlene L. Johnson   Student Services Consultant
John R. Kascenska   Assistant Academic Dean
Donna J. Keely   Director of the First-Year Experience
Jon P. Lasseigne   Mechanical Systems Tech
Kenneth W. Leonard   Custodian
Constance K. Libbey   Accounts Payable Specialist
Judy E. Little   Administrative Asst. for Academic Support
Vicki L. Litzinger   Director of Library Instructional Technology
Susan L. Lynaugh   Teacher/Leader, ECVLC
Mark J. Majors   Instructional Technology Technician
Peter G. Mallett   Custodian
Vincent U. Maloney   Admissions Counselor
Hannah N. Manley   Director of Alumni Relations & Development
Daniel R. Martin   Maintenance Tech
Vicki L. Martin   Custodian
William D. Martin   Maintenance Tech
Robert G. McCabe   Director of Student Support Services
Darcie A. Miles   Executive Assistant to the President
Erin S. Miner   RHD/Student Life Assistant
Frank J. Mogavero   Senior Desktop Support Technician
Mark H. Mohrmann   Broadcast Systems Administrator
Monique C. Morris   Library Specialist/Acquisitions & Periodicals
Gloria J. Moyse   Custodian
Kate R. Murphy   RHD/Student Life Assistant
Paul J. Nadeau   Public Safety Officer
Geraldine N. Nelson   Custodian
Arthur W. Peake   Maintenance Supervisor
Annette M. Roberts   Fiscal Specialist
Cynthia A. Robertson   Technical Assistant to the Dean of Administration
Angela Ryan-Williams   Special Services Counselor
Anthony P. Santacaterina   Senior Desktop Support
Karen E. Santorello   Student Services Consultant
Leo R. Sevigny   Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Christine L. Seymour   Custodian
Tracy W. Sherbrook   Staff Assistant to Dean of Academic and Student Affairs
Takuya Shimamura   Webmaster
Edward W. Simpson   Information Technology Technician
Charles I. Sjolander   Mechanical Systems Tech
Brenda A. Sweet   Administrative Assistant to Faculty
Harry J. Swett   Mailroom Supervisor
Janet M. Thorn   Coordinator of Library Access Services
Myrtie M. Townsend   Administrative Assistant to Faculty/NEKSDC
Mark H. Tucker   Meteorology Data Systems Administrator
Elaine L. Turner   Staff Assistant for Student Affairs
Christopher T. Ummer   Director of Athletics
Linda A. Wacholder   Director of Career Services
Carol A. Ward   Development Assistant
Patricia M. Webster   Cataloger
Donna E. Wheeler   Director of Conferences & Guest Relations
C. Richard Williams   Director of Upward Bound
David H. Wood   Custodial Supervisor
Sherri H. Wood   Student Services Consultant
Mary K. Yackley   Staff Assistant, ECVLC
Aaron E. Young   Video Broadcast/Theatre Operations Technician

Board of Trustees of the Vermont State Colleges

James H. Douglas, Ex Officio Governor, State of VT
William N. Aswad, Rep. Burlington
Charles Bucknam East Hardwick
Don E. Collins, Senator Swanton
George C. Cross, Rep. Winooski
Karen Handy Luneau St. Albans
Richard C. Marron, Rep., Vice Chair Stowe
Frank A. Mazza, Sr., Secretary Brandon
Linda Milne Montpelier
Gary W. Moore, Chair Bradford
Martha O’Connor, Treasurer Brattleboro
Heidi Pelletier Montpelier
Gordon Winters Swanton
Peter Wright Lake Elmore


Past Lyndon Presidents

* Ms. Rita L. Bole
* Ms. Florence E. Drew
* Mr. Arthur B. Elliott
   Ms. Susan C. Gallagher
* Dr. Robert E. Long
* Dr. A. John Holden, Jr.
* Dr. H. Franklin Irwin, Jr.
   Dr. Edward I. Stevens
   Dr. Janet G. Murphy
   Dr. Clive C. Veri
   Dr. Margaret R. Williams
 * Dr. Robert A. Burnham

(1935-1936, Acting)
(1958-1959, Acting)
(1970-1971, Acting)
(1997-1998, Interim)