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2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ATM 4120 - Mesoscale Meteorology

This course provides a comprehensive study of the structure, evolution, and dynamics of atmospheric phenomena having spatial scales between 2 and 2,000 km. Topics include sea/land/lake breezes, the dryline, coastal fronts, gust fronts, air-mass thunderstorms, multicell thunderstorms, supercells, mesoscale convective systems, bow echoes, derechoes, tornadoes, and gravity waves. Students will study the phenomena through examination of data from a variety of observing platforms, mesoscale models, case studies, and multi-media instructional modules.

Prerequisites & Notes
The prerequisites are ATM 3321 and ATM 3331. There is a lab fee. This course is offered every even-numbered spring.

Credits: 3

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