Jun 23, 2018  
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

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Minimum required credits for the program: 48

Core: (21 credits)

Requirements for Psychology Program: (27 credits)

At Least 12 Credits Must Be Selected

At least four courses (12 credits) must be selected from 3000/4000 level Psychology courses or from the following list of approved courses.  With assistance from their advisor, students are encouraged to select a program of approved courses that reflect their personal interests and career goals.  At least six of these credits must be in Psychology. 

Upper level psychology elective credits used to satisfy major program requirements may not be used to satisfy any minor program requirements.

Approved Courses:

In addition to the courses listed below, any 3000/4000 level Psychology course not required in the major.

Focus Options for Human Services and Psychology Majors:

All Human Service and Psychology majors are required to complete 9 to 12 upper level courses in addition to the core courses required for the major.  Students can choose to focus in one of the following three options to complete this requirement.

Family & Children
PSY 3050 Child Development OR PSY 3260 Adolescent Development
PSY 4150 Understanding/Working with At-Risk Families
PSY 4170 Mental Health Issues with Children and Adolescents

Elder Populations
PSY 3210 Perspectives on Death and Dying
PSY 3090 Lifespan Across Cultures
PSY 3110 Adulthood & Aging
PSY 4210 Psychopharmacology

9 to 12 credits selected from the above list of approved courses.  Six credits must be in Psychology.

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